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Good. Enough.

March 14, 2017

Singer, songwriter, musician, teacher, artist


Take your pick


I create, I destroy, I build and re-build, I move, I disappear, I come back


Indian, American, Austrian, ‘somewhat’ British


I can be from anywhere and everywhere


I leave that up to you


Like all of us

I too am flawed, damaged, broken


Recovering well, most of the time


I observe, I discover, I face my own demons


I cry, I scream, I stop, I breathe. I stand




I begin to recognise my self

Old self, new self, future self


I accept




I do not always like what I see


I grow stronger


Old wounds leave scars

To help me remember

Who I am


I’m an optimist at heart

Always hopeful


Every day presents itself

As a new chance

To do something differently


To get it right


Permission granted

To do as I please

Every day

I get to decide


I choose


To say




I don’t know


Gently nudged by a soft whisper, a long forgotten memory, a voice from the past, an unexpected phone call, a kind thought, the sound of laughter, a sweet smile, the smell of rain, a home cooked meal, an unforgettable story, a sad song, a breath-taking view…good news, bad news, and now we even have fake news …


I am reminded


Life is so much bigger than I am


All I need to do is listen

As I am questioned

By life itself


All I need to do

Is pay attention


To stay awake


To stop expecting


All I need to do


Is dare


Trust that it will be OK


Be kind

To myself and others


On any given day


I search, I ask for help, I engage, I learn


I try to be

The best version I can possibly find

Of my self


Good. Enough.


“Swept away the bad stuff

Was I ever good enough


I need to see what you already know

And so I hope

That you can show me.

Help Me Remember”

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