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The music is simply elegant.  I would say it is elegantly simple as well, though at times there is a deep complexity, both harmonically and melodically. 

Sumitra is a wonderful pianist, with a beautiful rich sound and an accomplished vocalist as well.  Her piano and voice are so seamlessly interwoven and therein lies the magic.  She is the perfect accompanist to herself.  Her pianistic skills so support her voice and the song that the result is a whole much greater than the parts. 

A beautiful heartfelt integrated outing.  I discover something new with each repeated listen.  Highly recommended.

Mitchel Forman

If I were asked to describe the vocal and creative art of Sumitra, I would not hesitate in describing her style as a gentle blend of musical intelligence driven by a very deep poetry of the soul. .... there also are not many artists who can be defined by a signature sound but in listening to Sumitra, one is immediately drawn into a very different kind of expression .... one which combines with her gentle soprano and takes the listener to another place..... a place reserved for those hoping to take the journey .... hypnotic if you will 
in a word, Sumitra is beautifully and magically "unique!"

Maria Alsatti


Artful, supremely well-composed, in lyrics, voice and musicianship.
Sumitra's work provokes emotion and let's me in as a listener.
She sings and plays (exquisitely & with unbound imagination) with naked honesty.
It is beyond words - without a doubt, a work of art.

Susan Maunu

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'I Don't Mind | Love: To Give

A real mellow track that showcases unique vocal ability and admirable songwriting. The piano playing is intricate and sits really nicely under the soulful vocals which move like waves throughout the verses and chorus. 

Wynona Grant | Fortitude Magazine

Love the unique style of this song. The piano and vocals are beautiful - they dance together like perfect partners, trading the lead and the spotlight. The message is great too. 

Bree Noble |CEO Women of Substance Radio & Podcast

Sweet and beautiful and moving.  Wispy-ish vocals are charming ... the lyrics are wonderfully nourishing.  The video has such an authentic look, also beautiful and moving, I feel like we're getting a wonderful look inside the soul of a songwriter through it. 

Andrea Young |Aspenbeat - Aspen Public Radio

A fresh find ...

Keta Myers |Soul You Know

Sumitra pulls it off with just a piano and her voice ...

Brian Hazard | Color Theory & Passive Promotion