© 2020 Sumitra Nanjundan, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sumitra Nanjundan's new release, Bittersweet, is a work of rare distinction, and a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with a multi-dimensional musician, fully in command of her materials, who functions at a high level of mastery as a vocalist, pianist, lyricist, composer, and arranger.



From the opening track, “Bittersweet”, she establishes a forthright musical identity, confiding and poetic. There is an alluring contrast between the emotional maturity of her sharply observed lyrics and the almost girlish quality of her fluid contralto. She has a gift for setting lyrics to extended melodies that catch the ear without obvious hooks.

By the album’s closer, the spacious ballad incantation “Another Day”, Sumitra has established herself as an artist with a winning sound and vision all her own.



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